In 1912, McCann registered the world’s first advertising trademark ‘Truth Well Told’ .

It’s funny! I want it to be the definition of advertising/marketing and finally live in that happy old simple world. But the world is complex & big and I wonder if the above phrase is just a part of it. Is it just an ideology of that particular organisation or can we apply this to the whole world?

Can words like ‘Truth/lie’, ‘honesty/dishonesty’ or ‘good/bad’ have existence in real terms? My truth may be a lie for others and others’ dishonesty could be their true nature and in a sense they are honest. Do you think ‘facts’ can be the only truth and the rest are just fascinating opinions. But even the scientific facts are tainted with assumptions & statistics. Therefore, the sole thing that can exist is ‘opinion’. If you want, you can put justifications around it and properly dress it before the final presentation to see whether your version is accepted by others.

‘Truth Well Told’ huh! Funny, and true. But truth depends upon it’s definition (like opinion) and gain its power from presentation. I’m glad that marketing realized it or as some say exploited it. I would like to know philosophical thoughts on this.

But right now this website is about marketing; opinions and how well they are told or presented or could/will be presented.

Sometimes some works make me so angry that an urge to punch the Monster in guts dominates my mind. But in the next moment another feeling crops up – ‘A Feeling of Admiration!’ which creates a perfect balance similar to that of Yin & Yang.

Why I write, you ask!

One day a strange thought popped up and a war broke-out between the two formidable forces.

Army 1 – “Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time”.

Army 2 – “Go for it! It will be fun!”

In the end I finally decided to start building this world, filled with things that are intriguing for curious ones.

Hi, my name is AKSHAT and I welcome you to my world wholeheartedly. If you feel like writing me for anything, just do it. I won’t mind at all.


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