Diwali – A Crazy and Beautiful Symphony

Diwali is a festival of tones. Different ones coming in synch to produce a perfect symphony with no-one pulling the strings but faith. Crackers are the fever of energetic little monsters, always ready for mischiefs. And Moms love to put a condition of Puja (Diwali Prayers) on their excitement before they could go all out with their arms and ammunition. On this day, interior designers are pressured to work even after their normal 9 to 5 to make an epic art for their homes & floors (rangoli) with diyas, colors, lights, flowers, and god knows what. That’s why boyfriends, husbands, and brothers are dragged into streets just to buy a bunch of candles and stuff. Let me tell you, #Flipkart and #Amazon are seriously underrated on this crazy festival, reserved only for gifts by the procurement department.

Fashionists become Mr. and Misssss India adorning themselves with the finest look. It’s a great opportunity for chiefs as well, showing-off with special feasts and sweets. In temples, pundits (priests) go overboard with their never-ending sermons. They say Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.”

Some celebrate with a game of flash. After all, it’s a festival to welcome Lakshmi (wealth).

Okay, okay it could be more than a single game.

Newspapers & other media are filled with Diwali themed campaigns. Here marketers observe and consume each emotion. They began to realize and mesmerized with India’s vast network of religion and rituals giving birth to countless creative forms of mass-com to build prospects and followers. Some divert from the true path and creating lies, copies, and clones.

Refer the short read – “Unimaginative Imposters – A 2018 Diwali Campaign Case” by MyMarketingDoor

Maybe this is the resultant darkness of intense light, deceiving its own purpose. Small hands used in factories are unseen & will never ever be seen. Cries of elderly ears’ will never be heard and the pain of breathing sick will never be felt. These are dark produced by light.

And then suddenly, hope is born. But its not just born. Light is forced to shine by unacknowledged mid-night oil burners, the activists giving back-stage support to this symphony.

Pic Credit goes to Pixabay’s vpethawait, Tanuj_handa, PublicDomainPictures, ongchinonn, nandhukumar, kamodayz, Jeevan and confused_me.


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