Remember Your First Time?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein


Are they actually talking about __?

Is this a condom ad?

Don’t want to give you even a glimpse of what the campaign is all about. All I can say, the topic couldn’t be more suited, considering the target audience. The thought behind it is simply mind-blowing.

See yourself in just 60 seconds.



Feeling tricked by the Cover pic!

That’s the AIDA for you.

You can blame the campaign creator ‘4Creative’, a Channel4’s creative agency of around 40 employees which produce innovative, creative and risky contents for sure, for all channel 4 brands. This campaign, as you have noticed, is targeted to first time or other young voters (for UK elections) and hence the phrase, “popping the voting cherry.”

When others were trying to recall their first time, one girl said, “I’ve never actually done it. Is that bad?”

Another said, “I found out who I wanted and then I filled in that box”.

All in all, the message is good and the way it was communicated is effective. It is evident from the no. of views on YouTube in a short span of time.

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