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“So much of what really convinces customers, in terms of brand image, is experiential” – Chip DeGrace, chief design officer at Interface, (a global leader in the design and production of carpet tiles) in an interview with Brandingmag.

Branding is about making associations with elements related to the core values of the organization. What impressions one is leaving in the minds of people really makes the difference and if done properly, will give returns in the form of customer loyalty and perhaps premiums also.

A good read to understand branding in a more practical sense.

“Some B2B marketers shy away from ever uttering the term brand image. After all, the very notion of “brand” is suspect in many sales or manufacturing-driven B2B organizations. Adding the term “image” (common in B2C) likely reinforces the misimpression among doubters that branding is too soft a discipline to generate any hard cash at the…”

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