Unimaginative Imposters – A 2018 Diwali Campaign Case

Plagiarism is a plague and embracing it makes one worse than a scum. I don’t want to live in that overthrown part of the world where appropriators form the ruling party.

A sudden pop-up of HP INDIA’s campaign, “#TuJashnBan kisi ki zindagi ka” & “#Golocal” made me realize that I could be living in it unwillingly. Liking and wowing clones & lies. I must be blinded by their achievements – more than 20 million views on Facebook in just 2 days along with largely positive conversations over social media. Here is the clip : 👇

It certainly has an emotional ring to it.

Elements used here are powerful – the excitement of a festival (Diwali) – the glow, the lights. Hardships of a vendor (selling items for the occasion), the innocence of a child with a good complementing narrative explaining the story. Then throw your product in-between (in this case – HP Printer) and an end with a sacred message of helping others.

It is enough to sway anybody, and nobody could notice the act of tyranny. The cruel act reflecting the opposite essence of Diwali’s “Evil Over Good/Evil”.

Diwali is a festival of good spirit with a lot of emotions & stories giving countless possible plots and associations to connect to.

But the above is just a patchwork of Surf excel’s 2016 Ramzan “#Madadekibadat” and Coca-Cola’s happiness to working classes. To people waging behind the curtains instead of celebrating with loved ones.

Watch it – Aaj Meri Peshani Pe (Madad ek ibadat) by Pakistan Surf Excel 👇


Borrowing an idea and make something awe-inspiring out of it is an art.

But complete imitation is suited only for mockery.

Oh! Those mid-night oil burners, artists, creative creators…

Am I overreacting?

Maybe! But at least it’s in the right direction.

(Cover Pic Credit Goes to Sbbu Noir)



  1. Akshat

    Thank you for your comments and my apologies for the late reply.

    I don’t think finding money-making opportunity is bad but as you rightly said, seeing the world in only numbers and not caring how you reach it is just wrong. It worked here perfectly for HP but appropriation and stealing are just unethical. And slamming your product right in-between is a killer tactic to associate yourself with something positive but……

    I love how BLM movement opposed Pepsi boldly. Such things force brands to come up with their own originals instead of looking for stealing opportunities.

    Christine, let me tell you that the above ad (the first one) is one of the most talked about ads on Facebook right now in India. And it makes me sad that they are going to get away with it.

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